Onion Legal Forms Inc. is a British Columbia company providing Do-It-Yourself Legal forms that help British Columbians navigate a web of complex legal issues with ease. Onion Legal was founded by Mark-John O’Nions, a British Columbia lawyer. Mark-John was concerned with the high cost of legal representation and wanted to establish an alternative way to get quality legal forms to the public at a reasonable price.

Unlike other companies that claim their generic legal forms will be acceptable in any country, which they are not, our forms are developed by British Columbia lawyers for British Columbians. We guarantee that our forms meet the highest legal standards. We provide the legal forms and information that you require the most. In this regard, we don’t just provide legal forms, but we provide full packages to resolve your legal issues.

If you require legal advice, we can arrange a telephone consultation with a lawyer in BC at a reduced rate. We use the law firm of M.J. O’Nions Lawyers & Mediators for this purpose.

We welcome you to our website and encourage you to try our forms, you will be surprised of the high quality and ease of use! We welcome any feedback on our site and how we can make the process better for you.

Mark-John O’Nions; Principal & Practicing Lawyer

The principal of Onion Legal, Mark-John O’Nions has been practicing law in British Columbia since 1997. He is accredited by the Law Society of British Columbia as a family law mediator and is experienced in civil mediation.

Mark and his team are committed to excellence in the areas of law in which they practice through continuous study and research. They conduct a thorough analysis of every matter for which their advice is sought. Mark and his team are on the cutting edge of legal developments in areas of law in which they practice and provide the best possible legal advice for their clients. Mark believes his clients deserve a law firm that strives to be the best.

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