Child Custody Agreement


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What is a Child Custody /Parenting Agreement?

A Child Custody Agreement/Parenting Agreement is a written agreement setting out how the issues relating to the care and support of children will be dealt with after a couple separates. A Child Custody Agreement often deals with the legal issues relating to the custody/guardianship of children and the financial support of the children. The agreement sets out what the parents’ rights and responsibilities are in relation to their children

Who needs a Child Custody Agreement?

Any separated couples who have a child together, including separating common-law couples and divorcing couples, should have a Child Custody/Parenting Agreement to ensure that the issues relating to the support and care of their children are properly dealt with. In addition, divorcing couples who wish to use our Uncontested Divorce package must have a written agreement or court order dealing with parenting arrangements and child support arrangements in order to obtain an uncontested divorce, as it is necessary to demonstrate to the court that reasonable arrangements for the children have been made.

When should I get a Child Custody/Parenting Agreement?

A Child Custody/Parenting Agreement should be made when a couple is about to separate or after the couple has separated.

What are the benefits in having a Child Custody/Parenting Agreement?

  • A Child Custody/Parenting Agreement is a cost-effective alternative to court. The agreement will lessen the possibility of future disputes on the issues relating to custody/guardianship and child support, as parents are more likely to adhere to an agreement that they participated in drafting than one forced on them by a court.
  • Our Child Custody/Parenting Agreement contains the necessary clauses to ensure that your children are well-taken care of in this difficult time.
  • If you are applying for an uncontested divorce, you need to show that reasonable arrangements have been made for your children. Our Child Custody/Parenting Agreement will enable you to meet this requirement.

Why use Onion Legal to help with creating your Child Custody/Parenting Agreement?

Onion Legal’s Child Custody/Parenting Agreement has been thoroughly reviewed by B.C lawyers to ensure that it meets with the strict requirements of the laws of British Columbia. By filling out our simple questionnaire you will create a comprehensive Child Custody/Parenting Agreement that we are confident will surpass your expectations and more importantly give you the peace of mind you are looking for.

What does our carefully drafted Child Custody/Parenting Agreement contain?

Our Child Custody/Parenting Agreement contains clauses dealing with the following issues:

  • Who will have the guardianship/custody of the children;
  • How the parenting time will be divided;
  • How the parental responsibilities will be divided;
  • How much child support will be paid; and
  • Who will pay child support.

How do I commence the process of creating my Child Custody/Parenting Agreement?

Simply click the link below and purchase our Child Custody/Parenting Agreement, fill out a simple questionnaire. When you submit your questionnaire, your Child Custody/Parenting Agreement will be assembled and emailed to you. It is just that easy.