How do forms and packages vary?

Packages are a combination of the forms and documents you need to satisfy the BC legal system. Depending on your legal needs, you may only have to get forms which is the cheaper option.

What’s the 4 step process I need to go through to get the forms or packages that I need?

  1. Select your legal form or package
  2. Pay by using your credit card
  3. Answer the required questions
  4. Download your form once it’s completed

What areas of law do your forms cover?

  1. Wills & Estates
  2. Family
  3. Employment
  4. Business

How are you packages put together?

  1. Wills & Estates plan
  2. Probate an Estate
  3. Do your own divorce
  4. Incorporate a business

How is Onion Legal different than other legal websites?

We don’t just copy and paste your information into a fill-in-the-blank legal document. Our system is more complex, and delivers a more comprehensive product that is designed by B.C. Lawyers for the B.C. Legal system.

I have a question and want to talk to someone on the phone. What’s the quickest way to get ahold of someone?

You can give us a call between 9am – 5pm pacific time, Monday to Friday at: (604) 697-0996