Our packages are a combination of the forms, documents and instructions you need to submit to need to file for divorce, incorporate a business, and probate an estate

Our forms will ask you specific, but simple questions and use the answers you submit to build the complex legal form or contract you need.

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Unlike other legal websites, we don’t just cut and paste your information into a fill-in-the-blank legal document. Those types of forms are easy to build and easy to challenge in court. Our system is more complex, and delivers a more comprehensive product that is designed by B.C. Lawyers for the B.C. Legal system.

Once you find what you’re looking for, you’ll be prompted to purchase the package or form. After the purchase is complete you will be asked to register an account in our system that will allow you to access the document you purchased and begin the interview process.

The interview process is thorough and will ask you specific question so it builds a document that addresses your situation and legal needs. Once completed you will be able to print or download your document.


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Once you form is completed, it will be reviewed and submitted to you.

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