Independent Contractor Agreement


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What is an Independent Contractor Agreement?

An Independent Contractor Agreement sets out the rights and obligations of the business and the Independent Contractor. Generally, the Independent Contractor is in business on his or her own and is not an employee of the business. The Independent Contractor typically has control over his work, provides his own tools and is responsible for his or her own profit or loss.

Why is it important to have an Independent Contractor Agreement?

You may want an Independent Contractor Agreement to assure for both the contractor and the business that the contractor is not an employee for the following reasons:

  • For the business, this means that the business is not required to make payroll deductions.
  • For the contractor, this means the contractor may take advantage of certain tax benefits associated with being an Independent Contractor.
  • If the Independent Contractor is not an employee of the business, Employment Standards Act does not apply to Independent Contractors and all the rights and obligations of the parties are those set out in the contract. Therefore, it is imperative that parties have a detailed contract setting out the rights and obligations of the parties.

Why use our Independent Contractor Agreement?

Onion Legal’s Independent Contractor Agreement has been thoroughly reviewed by B.C lawyers to ensure that it meets with the strict requirements of the laws of British Columbia. Further, our detailed Independent Contractor Agreement contains clauses to ensure that the interests of both the business and the independent contractor are protected. Some of the clauses dealt with in our agreement are as follows:

  • The services that will be provided under the contract;
  • How the fees will be calculated, either hourly, daily or monthly;
  • How and when the contractor will be paid and the total amount payable under the contract;
  • The contractor’s covenant to obtain necessary licenses, permits and insurance;
  • The contractor’s covenant to provide all the necessary tools, equipment, labour and supervision;
  • The contractor’s covenant to indemnify the business from all claims, losses or damages the business may suffer;
  • The contractor’s covenant to protect the business’ confidential information; and time and manner of termination.

How do I commence the process of creating my Independent Contractor Agreement?

Simply click on the link below to purchase our Independent Contractor Agreement, fill out a simple questionnaire. When you submit your questionnaire, your Independent Contractor Agreement will be assembled and emailed to you. It is that easy!