Shareholders’ Agreement


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What is a Shareholders’ Agreement?

A Shareholders’ Agreement is an agreement between shareholders and a Company and it defines the relationship between shareholders. A typical Shareholders’ Agreement deals with matters relating to how the affairs of the company will be conducted, financing and contributions of the shareholders, restrictions on the issuance of shares, dispute resolution mechanism and what will happen when one of the shareholders deceases or defaults.

Why is it necessary to have a Shareholders’ Agreement?

A Shareholders’ Agreement is often useful in the context of closely-held or private companies where shareholders are involved in the management and affairs of the company. A well drafted Shareholders’ Agreement can provide protection for both the majority and minority shareholders and can be used to supplement the Articles of the company and the Business Corporations Act. Having a detailed agreement can help avoid potential future conflicts between the shareholders and should the conflicts ever arise, a mean to resolve these conflicts.

Why use Onion Legal Shareholders’ Agreement?

Onion Legal’s Shareholders’ Agreement has been thoroughly reviewed by B.C lawyers to ensure that it meets with the strict requirements of the laws of British Columbia. In addition, our detailed Shareholders’ Agreement includes provisions to ensure that each shareholder is aware of his/her rights and obligations with respect to the affairs of the company and it provides the means of avoiding potential future conflicts between the parties. Among other things, the agreement contains clauses dealing with the following matters:

  • How the affairs of the company will be conducted, such as the election of directors;
  • Important decisions requiring unanimous approval of the directors;
  • Financing of the company;
  • Restrictions on share transfer;
  • Transfer of interest on the death of a shareholder;
  • Life insurance on a shareholder;
  • Default of a shareholder;
  • Buy-sell rights of shareholders;
  • Restrictive covenant on confidentiality, non-competition and non-solicitation;
  • Termination of the agreement; and
  • Dispute resolution mechanism.

How do I commence the process of creating my Shareholders’ Agreement?

Simply click on the link below and purchase Onion Legal Shareholders’ Agreement, fill out a simple questionnaire. When you submit your questionnaire, your Shareholders’ Agreement will be assembled and emailed to you. It is that easy!