Who We Are

Onion Legal Forms Inc. is a British Columbia company providing Do-It-Yourself Legal forms that help British Columbians navigate a web of complex legal issues with ease.

Onion Legal was founded by Mark-John O’Nions, a British Columbia lawyer. Mark-John was concerned with the high cost of legal representation and wanted to establish an alternative way to get quality legal forms to the public at a reasonable price.

Unlike other companies that claim their generic legal forms will be acceptable in any country, which they are not, our forms are developed by British Columbia lawyers for British Columbians. We guarantee that our forms meet the highest legal standards.

We try to provide the legal forms and information that you require the most. In this regard, we don’t just provide legal forms, but we provide full packages to resolve your legal issues. Our packages include:

Create your own Will and Estate plan

Includes a Will, Power of attorney, Nomination of Committee, Advanced Medical Directive and Representation Agreement.

Probate or file for Administration of an Estate

Someone has died and you need to file for Probate or to be appointed an Administrator of the estate of the deceased, our package will provide you with all the necessary documentation and information you need to do this easily.

Do your own divorce

You want to get Divorced, our uncontested divorce package provides all the forms and information you need to navigate through the divorce process.

Incorporate your business

Our incorporation package will allow you to easily incorporate your business, including providing all the necessary documentation you will require such as Memorandum and Articles, Shareholders and Directors Resolutions, Consents to Act as Directors, Share Certificates, Share Subscription Agreements and much more.

If you require legal advice, we can arrange a telephone consultation with a lawyer in BC at a reduced rate. We use the law firm of M.J. O’Nions Lawyers & Mediators for this purpose.

We welcome you to our website and encourage you to try our forms. If you have any questions, or feedback on how we can improve, please contact us.